N.E.W. Farmers Market

Colville's downtown Farmers Market on Wednesday & Saturday under the clock tower on Main and Astor

Rules & Membership Agreement 2019

The goal of the N.E.W. Farmers Market is to provide a place where farmers, food producers and artisans can directly sell their products to the local community. By offering locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants and other handcrafted products of exceptional quality, the Market provides the community a space to celebrate the unique foods and culture of Northeastern Washington.

1. All vendors must check in with the Market Manager prior to selling.

2. Members of the N.E.W. Farmers Market will pay an annual membership fee and daily commission as follows:

Wednesday and Saturday vendors will pay a $35.00 annual membership fee plus a daily commission of 5% with a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $35.00.

Wednesday or Saturday ONLY vendors will pay a $25.00 annual membership fee plus a daily commission of 5% with a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $35.00.

Membership dues are to be paid on or before the first day of set-up or no later than May 15th. Late membership may be determined based on space available. If choosing only one day a week to vend, it must be specified when dues are paid. Additional spaces will be available to farmer/producers at an annual rate of $50.00 per market day (i.e. $100.00 for an extra space if vending both Wednesday and Saturday). Any spaces beyond one extra will be available at the market manager's discretion.

3. Non-members of the N.E.W. Farmers Market will pay a 10% fee with a minimum of $10.00 per day on a space available basis.

4. All Vendors need market approval. Prospective vendors will be put on a waiting list and notified by the market manager one week prior to being able to set-up.

5. Produce vendors must grow at least 75% of what they sell. Those vendors will be permitted to resell a maximum of 25% of their products. The rules for reselling are as follows (according to the WSFMA, of which the N.E.W. Farmers Market is a member):

a. Resellers are expected to be the only stop between the grower and the consumer.

b. The produce they buy must not come from shippers, warehouses, jobbers or wholesale distributors. 

c . Resellers must not sell any produce not grown in Washington State.

d. Resellers are seller of crops that cannot be grown reliably, or are not offered for sale in sufficient quantity, by farmers selling at a given WSMFA member market, as determined by the individual WSFMA member market's governing body.

e. Resellers must have all crops pre-approved by the member market's governing body before delivering the crops to market for sale. Approved, resold crops must be specifically limited, so as not to compete with the crops of farmers within the geographic vendor boundaries of the Market, as defined by the Market's policies and bylaws.

f. All resellers (farmers) must label their products as being resold if they are not selling produce which they have grown, raised or harvested themselves on property that they own, lease, or rent.

g. All information declaring which produce is being resold must be available and displayed for the consumer to easily read with a minimum signage of 3" x 5". Signage must clearly state which farm(s) produced the products; other terms synonymous with "resold" may be substituted.

6. No dumping of produce below cost will be permitted. All prices are expected to be competitive within the market.

7. The number of crafters/artisans allowed at the NEW Farmers Market is based on 40% of the number of farmer/producers. All new craft/artisan items sold must be juried. A jurying committee of three will be appointed annually by the Board of Directors at the Spring General Meeting. Craft/artisan vendors will be handled in the following manner:  Upon receiving the application, it is the duty of the market manager to refer all new crafters/artisans to the jury committee.  The committee will then make sure the craft is handmade by the vendor or a member of their family.  Resale items are not allowed, nor are used items. The committee will give a written report to the market manager as to whether or not the product qualifies. Jury committee members may make additional comments in the report. The market manager will then allow the vendor to set up based on the 40 % rule and space availability.  The market manager may refer questions to the board of directors who will have the final say. Farm products will not be juried.

8. All vendors must notify the market manager one week prior to selling . Regular vendors will have their prior booth space reserved for them until 8:30 am on market days. If a vendor misses a week without notifying the market manager by 8:00 AM on the day of the market or if a vendor misses more than one market consecutively the vendor will forfeit all rights to their market location and it may be offered to someone else on the waiting list. Seasonal produce vendors that submit an application at the beginning of the season or before the market fills up will have a booth space available to them with one weeks notice given to the manager. Another vendor can be given that space with the knowledge that they will be asked to give it up temporarily after receiving one weeks notice.

9. Market hours are Wednesday and Saturday 9am until 1pm. Vendors must arrive by 8:30 and be set up by 9 am. Vendors are not allowed to drive into the market after 8:30am nor to drive out before 1:30pm. SAFETY CONSIDERATION: Please do not encourage selling before 9am. Vendors may not set up until the barricades are in place. (This is a requirement from the City of Colville.)

10. All vendors who wish to erect canopies or umbrellas on the Farmers Market site during normal market operations are required to have 24 lb. weights on each leg. Any vendor not meeting these minimum requirements will not be allowed sell on that day until the requirements are met. Alternatively, they may choose to sell without a canopy for the day. If any accidents or damages occur from non-compliance with this rule, the vendor will be held responsible for any insurance deductible the Market may incur. This rule will be strictly enforced. The current deductible is $1000.00

11. Vendors who anticipate leaving before the close of the market must make arrangements with the market manager PRIOR to setting up.

12. Vendors are expected to inspect and clean their space before leaving.

13. Vendors bringing children are expected to supervise them at all times. The Market assumes no responsibility for any accidents resulting from unattended children.

14. Vendors are not allowed to bring pets. Vendors are not allowed to smoke in vending areas.

15. Vendors are responsible for acquiring all necessary licenses for the sale of their products. Products requiring special licenses include; meat, dairy, eggs, craft items. All vendors must abide by safe food handling guidelines set by the State and County Health Departments. All licenses should be clearly posted. Scales must be certified annually. Questions concerning these guidelines should be directed to the market manager.

16. The N.E.W. Farmers Market requires that produce and food products be displayed at a height to maintain cleanliness. This includes baked goods. Baked goods must be covered as regulated by the Department of Health.

17. A vendor or vendor representative exhibiting abusive or disorderly conduct will be asked to leave the Market. The Board will review the circumstances and determine whether they will be allowed to return and if their membership will be revoked.

18. If a vendor has a question or disagreement regarding market rules and guidelines, or a disagreement with another vendor, they should contact the market manager. All grievances not resolved by the market manager may be brought to a meeting of the Board of Directors.

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