N.E.W. Farmers Market

Colville's downtown Farmers Market on Wednesday & Saturday under the clock tower on Main and Astor


N.E.W. Farmers Market History

The Northeast Washington Farmers Market has been in Colville since the mid 1970’s; at that time it was the only farmers market north of Spokane. Established by a small group of friends, mainly orchardists, with a few garden produce growers, it was known at that time simply as “The Farmers Market”.

The Farmers Market in Colville has operated in several locations around town, including the fairgrounds, the city park, the old Rural Resources parking lot (now the Rent-a-Center) and finally settled down in the late 1990s on Astor and Main.

In 1994, the Farmers Market in Colville was incorporated as a non-profit corporation with the official name of “Northeast Washington Farmers Market Association”. With a membership made up of local farmers, bakers, jam and jelly makers and artisans, they elected a Board of Directors from among themselves to manage the business affairs of the Market.

As time has gone by, the faces have changed, members have come and gone, but the dedication of the Market remains the same: to provide the opportunity for local farmers, and customers to get together. A place for farmers to sell the product of their labor, their hard work, and a place for the people of the tri-county area to access locally grown, quality food.

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